Asia Pulp And Paper – One Of The Largest Global Paper Companies

Asia Pulp and Paper, also known as APP, is a company that has its main offices in Jakarta, Indonesia, and in China. It is among the biggest pulp and paper companies on the planet.

asia pulp and paperIi is the mother company of 14 companies operating in China and Indonesia. Asia Pulp And Paper has a current annual combined capacity in excess of 18 million tons each year, and markets and ships its items to greater than 120 nations across six continents.

The company has its roots in 1972, when Eka Tjipta Widjaja founded Tjiwi Kimia. Since then, the company went through a series of partnerships with companies from other countries that allowed it to manufacture paper in capacities over of over 100 tons.

In May 1986, the Sinar Mas Group bought 67% of the company’s total shares. If you’re like most people, you probably couldn’t care less about the company since it doesn’t directly affect, unless if you knew that the paper you’re using came directly from one of its manufacturing companies. But if you only knew how much impact the company is making on the environment, you would care.

Since its founding, the company has cleared thousands of forests for the sake of making paper and having it shipped worldwide. If that sounds like they contributed to global warming, it is. But thankfully in recent years the company has made it a point to scale back, if not totally put a stop to its deforestation activities through a moratorium that it signed some time back.

asia pulp and paper

While we have yet to give the company an A for staying true to their promise for protecting the environment, we do give them A for effort, which is more than what we can say about other mill-and-paper companies operating around the world.


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