Asia Pulp And Paper Industry

asia pulp paper Introduction

Paper is an important material in today’s time. Even though there is a concern of how most papers get disposed, it is a fact that we cannot do without this incredible material. Asia pulp and paper is one of the top leading paper industries that exist today. Another factor you should acknowledge about this paper industry is that it is that largest paper and pulp company in the world.

Establishment Of The Industry

Asia pulp paper company was founded in nineteen seventy-eight. Since then, the company has secured its position in the marketing sector and exports tons of papers t more one hundred and twenty countries.  The distribution is made to neighboring countries and the rest of the continent. The industry’s products can be traced around the world.

That is because the industry specializes in all types of paperwork for home use and also for public use. The industry produces tissue paper, grocery store bags, newsprint and even food packing bags. Every year, the company produces eighteen million tons of paper products. Today, the industry uses plenty of raw material to maintain its production.

asia pulp paper

Acquiring the standard amount of raw material is not an easy task. As the industry continues to experience growth, it relays on raw material suppliers who and committed and qualified. It is an essential requirement for each supply to comply with forest conservation policies, in order to be given the privilege of supplying raw materials.

Ranking Position Of The Industry

As time goes by, new industries have ventured in the same production of pulp and paper. Even though the industry still leads in the production of paper and pulp in Asia, the competition have become stiff in the global region. That is because of other pulp and paper industries situated in other regions such as Finland, China and also in the United States.

Competition is not the only factor that as affected the ranking of the industry, but also law matter as well. Paper production involves deforestation, and the company has a role to play in forest conservation, by planting trees. However, the industry has been accused of neglecting this duty and as a result its production has decreased.


The industry has made progress in conservation practices and stated that it will be in control of managing where its raw resources come from. This achievement is expected to be effective in the next five years.